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Small ideas or projects I'll be working on for the site.

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April 28, 2011

I'm not a huge fan of blogs, so this will not be one.  I'll just put on here small ideas or projects I'm working on to improve the site, more as a self-reminder than anything else.


News, ideas and projects


April 29, 2011

A brief history of this site:


  • About two months ago I created a basic outline of the site without really going into the small detail that a web page usally requires.
  • At about the same time I got asked by Mookalafalas over at POTN to host my images somewhere in order to be able to check them together as opposed to what I posted over at the forum, so I created a very rough webpage (that can still be seen on www.rafaelpolit.com/POTN) which provided both the foundation of the site and implanted the bug to finally develop my site.
  • I developed the first version of the site about three weeks ago and I requested feedback from my inner circle of friends and family.
  • With that feedback, and mostly the input of my father and Createsean from POTN (thanks for all the time and input Sean!) I have developed this new version which I think is more evolved and has a more mature look.


First Version
Second Version

As always, the site is still a work in progress, so any feedback is welcome with the newly functional 'contac me' form on the site.  Thank you,



New Features
July 21, 2011

Amongst other hobbies, I usually create and play music.  Some of that music may end up in this WEB site, so I have implemented a new MP3 player compatible with traditional browsers with Flash support and those without it like iPhone or iPads.


This is how the feature will probably look like:



September 28, 2011

I have added a new functionality on the photo galleries. Now it is possible to move quicker from one picture to the other when they are viewed in full size.


Before, every time I try to show several pictures in full size it was troublesome to close the full image, select the next and then show the full image again.  Now the process if much more straightforward.


October 6, 2011

Using the recommendations of Google WEB developer tools, I have changed the 'caching' mode of files on the server.  This should allow for a much faster user browser experience.  Other optimizations are in development.



I'd like to thank the following people for helping out with ideas or corrections to the site:


- Rafael Pólit C.

- Mookalafalas (POTN)

- Createsean (POTN)

- Locke30 (POTN)

- Adrián Khalifé

- madame:web


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